gBeta special. Gyld and RealityBLU Presenting at 1 Million Cups, Rockford

We have two presentations.

Gyld’s networking platform helps individual tradespeople and general contractors connect to collaborate on complex projects, troubleshoot issues, and accurately price jobs. Gyld’s platform helps skilled tradespeople save time and increase their income. Gyld will be released to 35 private beta users on Jan 15 and launch in Q1 2020.
Co-founder: Kahloong Teh

RealityBLU provides marketers an easy to use platform to create augmented reality experiences to publish to the 3 billion AR enabled smartphones in the world today. RealityBLU’s SaaS platform eliminates the technical barrier to implement and measure AR content experiences, allowing marketers to attract and delight more customers. RealityBLU has acquired 290+ users and generated 3X growth year to date in revenue
CEO: Stefan Agustsson