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Mastermind Groups

Thinker Mastermind Groups are organized around topics with peer groups. Groups are private and moderated by a skilled facilitator. If you have ideas for new groups, discuss them, or if you’d like to join a group, contact us and we will get you connected.

One Million Cups

1 Million Cups is a national program sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation. Its a hyper-localized framework to allow businesses the space to talk about what’s working and what’s not working and how their communities can be supported.

Sites and Tools

Sites and Tools are user-submitted resources that can make your everyday professional life better. Give a link, a brief description, and how we can benefit.

Business Topics & Discussion

This is your place for all discussions related to business. Start a new topic or riff off an existing one. Add value, and always be kind and uplifting.

Introduce Yourself

Welcome! Tell us who you are, what you do, and why you’re here. Let’s connect, educate, and make this community great.

Welcome & Support

Welcome to Thinker Groups. This category holds topics that are important to using the site.

Business Introductions

Welcome! Tell us what your company does, and what makes you amazing and different. Let’s connect, educate, and make this community great.

Job Postings

This is the place for job postings.